The Virtue Game Final Reflection

I created the Virtue game because I wanted everyone one to acknowledge her/himself more and about the values they have. Many people don’t know enough about themselves and those who do know may underestimate their virtues when dealing with other people surrounding them. It is very important for young people to know all about values and values especially when dealing with others because that what maintains the relationships. Hence, the given situations in the game show the realism about daily situations that one may encounter in their life, and if they have no idea about these values whatsoever, I have given some tips in order to help those people to know more this value and develop it.

When attempting to do the game for the first time I wanted to convey our message clearly and in a simple manner. However, the game needed some adjustments so I did a second draft and a third draft. I tried to add pictures as well so it would be more visually appealing for the players but I couldn’t find photos that represent the virtues. I can search again and add them sometime later. I also tried to use examples to be very relatable because my main aim was to be able to connect with people playing the game. While at the same time, I tried to think of complex enough scenarios to be able to put the reader in dilemma of how he/she should do if ever put in a situation like this. I think if I had more time I might have changed the design of the game or thought of more diverse scenarios.

From the beginning of the semester, I was entirely dreading this assignment because I thought I am not that creative to do something like this. However, bit by bit, I was able to make. Although the game is not entirely done, I could easily reflect on the experience because once you begin it, you can easily tell what are the hardships and what are the easy tasks. While creating this game I learned more about values and how they are very important and how their lack of existence in oneself can contribute a lot to immorality in our society and when dealing with others. In the present day, virtues have slowly begun to lose their importance. The high level of indecency and immorality is indeed a major issue that needs to be addressed urgently. So I thought of this game as the first mile that a person can take in this road of morality. While typing some of the scenarios I had to reflect on my past experiences and remember incidents such as encounters with my friends or elder people. All these situations are only minor encounters I had in life that taught me to be more aware and more considerate of my surroundings and people as well.

Here is the link to my game:

And other sources I used while creating the game:


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