CLT Symposium

Last week, Dr. Maha asked us to attend a symposium about how AUC faculty use teaching innovations in their classrooms, digital education and how the university itself help in the matter. This is an interesting topic to me because I am visual learner, so applying digital platforms to learning allow me to reflect better on the things I learn and also it helps me with the overall learning experience. I attended Teaching in an Age of Complexity: Considering Open, Participatory and Equitable Pedagogies lecture by Catherine Cronin. The talk was mainly about the extent which educators are helping the literacy practice develop in the way they teach. I found this lecture very interesting, although I would have liked the speaker to talk more about the term “Pedagogies”. She already explained it in her speech but I it would have been better if she would have linked it to the topic more. The speaker links real life activities to the knowledge we should acquire and I think this is what was exactly needed because many professors who were attending were keen on learning the methodologies of applying digital literacy tp their way of teaching. So, linking it to real life events was helpful much. In her speech as well, she focused on the continuity of work, and how it educators would do such thing. I feel like this is a turning point in any learning experience because you don’t want only to acquire knowledge and apply it in the present moment, you want to maintain the momentum of creating ways that will crush the complexity of any learning experience. Lastly, although the speaker was adamant on giving advice to educators, she was not very engaging in a way that allow others to speak up their mind or actively engage with the material she is explaining. In regards to the second lecture I attended online, which was “Reimagining Education in the Digital Age” by Alec Couros,  I don’t have much to say about it actually. I found it overly interesting that I wished I would have attended it live. The topic was interesting but a bit similar to the one I attended by Dr. Catherine. It mainly talked about online access to courses and  how this opportunities have created new possibilities for digital learning and how this do not only affect learning experience but it also counts as social networking, that using its tools allow us to connect to global audience. To me, I felt this topic is very relatable because the traditional ways of learning aren’t as sufficient as they used to be and the more you integrate with global audience, the more you widens the knowledge you acquire. What really caught my attention in this lecture is how Dr. Alec provided practical solution. I always have hard time connecting with theoretical approaches, so for me, the more practical the learning experience is, the more knowledge I gain. This was one of the lectures I learnt best not because of his way delivering the information, but mainly for the information itself which Dr. Alec provided and the way he gave us a glimpse on how to exploit those online resources.


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